How to Create a Routine After Having a Baby

As a mom of 4 who is also building a business, I have to be really disciplined with my routine if I want to stay on top of the priorities I’ve set for my family and my business. I get asked all the time, how I’ve created my routine after having baby #4, so I thought I’d share here on my blog. It is possible to create and stick to a routine after having a baby, so let’s dive in! 

Why it’s Important to Create a Routine Post Baby 

When I fill my bucket with self care and personal development (2 key parts of my routine), I can give to my family and to the women I work with more fully. And when I give to my family and the women I work with, I continue to fill my bucket because those 2 things are part of my purpose here on Earth! It’s a circle that keeps giving. When you decide and commit to giving first to yourself, everyone in your ecosystem benefits from the decision! 

Get Your Spouse on Board 

I know not every woman who is raising babies has a partner to lean on. If you are a single mom, I bow to you because I know that when my man is working late and I’m mommin day and night – it’s so much harder to do it all. I commend the mamas doing it without any help from a partner! You’re strong and capable and so admirable! Jeff and I have had many conversations about how much his support allows me to be consistent with my routine. And as we know from above, being consistent with my routine makes life better for all parties involved, including him! Jeff and I wake up early together so we can start our day together and also get a workout in before all the kids are up! 

Make Mornings YOUR Time

The mornings are the best time to fit in the time you need to fill your bucket. And I know, getting up earlier than the rest of the house is not always easy, but it is always worth it. And I prefer mornings over evenings because by the time the sun goes down, I am wiped out and just want to chill! My brain does not have the ability to focus on personal development after a long day of giving to my family and to the women I work with, so I must do it in the mornings! The extra hour you get up before your family is MAGICAL because it’s the most quiet the house will be ALL day!! 

Commit to be Intentional & Disciplined When Creating Your Post Baby Routine 

Look, it’s not going to be easy to commit to a routine when you have a newborn. You will need to be very intentional about how you spend your time. And when I say intentional, I mean getting out of bed an hour early so you can fill your own bucket! I also mean having a plan for the day. I write a to-do list everyday with my MUST DOs at the top. These are the things that I have to get done or ELSE, lol. I list everything else I need to get done on my list as well, but those are not of the highest priority. Each day I mark things off and the other tasks move up the list for the days to come. Each day, little by little, I knock things off my to do list! 

Focus on What You Are Doing Instead of What You are NOT Doing 

Energy goes where you put it. So if you focus your energy on everything you are not doing, you are going to be in the state of lack instead of the state of abundance. And when you are in lack, you feel unworthy, overwhelmed and like what you do every day doesn’t matter. And those things couldn’t be further from the truth. Do yourself, your family and your business (if you have one) a favor and focus on what you are doing and more of that will flourish around you! 

Learn to Say NO When it Doesn’t Align with Your Top Priorities

First you must know what your top priorities are. So take some time to write out your top 4 or 5 priorities in your life. For me, it’s Family, Faith, Health, Fulfilling my Purpose through my Business and Community. When opportunities come to me, I must first filter them through my priorities. Does this fit into my top priorities? If not, then I can confidently decline the offer. Remember, saying NO leaves more room for YES when it does fit!

If you have children and you have goals, then it’s really important that you set yourself up for success by creating a routine that fits for both you and your family. But it starts with you being intentional about creating it and sticking to it!! You got this!! 

Melissa Brewer

Melissa Brewer

I am a mom of 4, married to my part time cowboy, Jeffrey, living in the mountains of Utah.

I know exactly what it feels like to put everyone else’s needs above my own. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I become a mom.

But, one day I decided what I needed most was to start putting my self-care higher on the priority list and that’s when everything changed for me.

I made fitness my business. I decided to give it a shot because I saw other working moms who were just like me slaying!! So why couldn’t I?!

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