Holiday Tips for Eating Healthy

Want to stay on track during the holidays so you feel great on Jan 1st? Use these holiday tips for eating healthy!

7 Holiday Tips for Eating Healthy

  1. Have a healthy snack before you eat a big meal or go to a gathering that may have food. The same rule you follow when you go grocery shopping, don’t show up to the meal or party hungry! Be satisfied so you are less likely to over do it. 
  2. Drink 16-20 oz of water before your meal. I know this is easy and cliche, but it works! If you aren’t already doing it, try it! And do it about 15 minutes before you eat! 
  3. Make something healthy that you feel good about eating when you are planning your holiday meal or bringing something to a gathering. When you bring food that is healthy and you won’t feel guilty about, you’ll feel more confident and less stressed! On the next page, I give you some awesome ideas for healthy party food to bring! 
  4. Avoid grazing before and after the meal. This is extra important this time of year because there are lots of desserts and leftovers and snacks around the house. Use the other tips above to avoid grazing… drink water, focus on the people you are with, grab a healthier snack! 

  5. Be active throughout the day. Moving your body each day, even if it’s not a ‘workout’ will be so beneficial to you! Go for a walk or a hike in the woods, do a little stretching, or workout at home!
  6. If you get off track, don’t stress! We all get off track and it’s okay if you do! A couple times does not hurt your progress. What hurts progress is the mindset of “I’ll let everything go and eat what I want and get back on track Jan 1.” For most of us, that strategy does not work! 
  7. Mocktails!!! As you know, most holiday’s include drinking. Drinking not only adds extra calories and weight, but it also lowers your inhibitions, which can decrease your willpower muscle! When you drink, you’re more likely to overeat. I also know how out of touch it can feel to not drink at a party, so grab yourself a mocktail and no one will know the difference! 

Reflect on Holiday’s in the past.

What has worked for you? What has not worked for you? What will you try this year? Leave me a comment about your tips and tricks to stay on track with your eating during the holidays! 

Melissa Brewer

Melissa Brewer

I am a mom of 4, married to my part time cowboy, Jeffrey, living in the mountains of Utah.

I know exactly what it feels like to put everyone else’s needs above my own. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I become a mom.

But, one day I decided what I needed most was to start putting my self-care higher on the priority list and that’s when everything changed for me.

I made fitness my business. I decided to give it a shot because I saw other working moms who were just like me slaying!! So why couldn’t I?!

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