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When you join the B FIT Community, you’ll get hooked up with…

  • A fitness package that aligns to your goals – including hundreds of workouts, access to our newest program, meal plans, supplements, everything you need to rock your journey
  • Access to 2 Nutrition Programs (2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix) so that you can choose whichever option works best for your lifestyle!
  • A few extra goodies like a Shaker Cup, getting started packet, and access to our private app where you’ll find everything you need to track, stream live workouts, log your nutrition, see your progress – everything all in once place!
  • Our community of other women and mamas where we check in and connect with each other every day!
  • Other women who will be there to hold you accountable and on track!
  • Me as your coach and mentor for support and accountability! FOR LIFE!!

When you consider the cost of a personal trainer or nutritionist, it’s easy to see the value in this investment!

I found that I couldn’t put a price tag on my health & happiness.

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Hit your fitness & nutrition goals

with our new BODi Platform & live workout classes!


You get 30 days FREE when you join!

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Fill out the goal form so I can get to know you and your goals over the next few months!

Inside the B FIT Community, we focus on creating healthy habits that your entire FAMILY can benefit from.

We dive into overall wellness, nutrition, self love, confidence, & community!

Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

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In my experience, the changes I have seen on the outside are a direct reflection of the changes I have made on the inside!!

Your choice to get healthy is one you have to make for yourself! But remember, it is not just about you, it’s also about the example you’re setting for your kids.

I’ve tried all the diets, tips and tricks there are to lose weight. I restricted, deprived and punished my body in hopes I would look more fit or lose a couple pounds.

I would get so frustrated with myself because I couldn’t figure it out and my body wasn’t ‘performing’ the way I wanted it to.

Nothing seemed to work for me!

It wasn’t until I realized a couple of things that it all started to shift for me…

I couldn’t do it alone

» A healthy & fit body was POSSIBLE for me

» I had to shift my internal dialogue before any changes would happen on the outside.

» After I was able to make the needed changes in my life, the weight started to come off effortlessly. I started to understand that REAL wellness started from within.

There is nothing sexier than a mama who feels
confident in her own skin.

This community is about to change your life!

After having gone through 4 pregnancies and postpartum journeys I can without a doubt say that having an accountability group and support system is absolutely essential for success.

The support community is an integral part of the process – it reminds us that we never have to do this work alone. We are made for community. We are made to give and receive support from others!

If you have experienced struggle in the past with your health and wellness, it could be that you have been without the right support along the way.

Support + Accountability
gives you the space for Success!

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Real People – Real Results

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I used to love going to the gym, and the days I didn’t make it, I had DVD’s like p90x or Insanity (yet I didn’t even realize they were Beachbody programs!) Then I gained 63 lbs in my first pregnancy and struggled with losing it.

Being on maternity leave, I couldn’t go to the gym like I used to or take group classes like I used to; I was uncomfortable in my all my clothes and I felt stuck.

I’d put my daughter down for a nap and hustle to workout at home every day with random workouts. It helped shed 30 lbs but the other 33 was a struggle.

I heard of 21 Day Fix with portion control containers and decided to try it out since nothing I did was working.

After the first week of following the workouts and more importantly, the nutrition plan, I lost 4 lbs FINALLY. That is all I needed to motivate me to keep going! I did two rounds and ended up losing more than the 33 lbs!

My oldest is now 7 and I am still doing these workouts, part of a motivating fit group, and it’s been more than just workouts. It’s mental health, it’s personal development, it’s self care….and it’s exactly what I need!

After 2 years of putting my health on the back burner while I finished my bachelors degree & worked 30+ hours a week as an assistant manager in retail, I was at my lowest low with chronic fatigue, 30 lbs of extra weight, horrible digestion & inflammation in my knees!

I tried the videos on YouTube, workouts on Pinterest, fad diets and no matter what I did, I wasn’t seeing results so I would quit.

When I found Beachbody, it seemed like the worst time to get started! My schedule was packed and I didn’t see how I could take on anything else, but my coach assured me that this was the change I needed, to help me FEEL better!

So I took a leap of faith and it only took 21 days (my first program) for me to realize that this was the TOTAL solution that I had desperately been searching for for so long! My bloat was gone!

I was already dropping weight & inches AND my energy levels were the best they had been in YEARS!

I felt incredible and here I am a little over 2 years later STILL loving our programs, STILL on track with my nutrition, and STILL feeling good from the inside out!

I’ve went from girlfriend to fiancé to wife to mom & this has helped me stay healthy and happy through every phase! ❤️

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The community has been everything to me. It’s taken me from a place that felt so dark and lonely to a place where I see so much light. I see so much potential and I see so much hope.

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by women going through the same stage of life as me who no matter what, help lift me up when I need it and I’m there too when they need a lift.

They have become some of my best friends and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without them. ?

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I joined April 2020 hoping to lose a few lbs and gain my strength back after a terrible ski accident immobilising me for 3 years.. little did I know I would achieve so much more than weightloss!

I smashed my initial weight goals in the first 12 weeks and have lost over 40lbs BUT I have also gained confidence through mindset, appreciation and love for my body, control on my nutrition, control on emotional eating, strength that I didn’t know I had both physically and emotionally!

These programs and resources have changed my life and I dread to think where I would be without them! 2021 I’m coming for you!

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BODgroups have seriously been a game changed for me! The daily encouragement has helped me continue to show up even on the hard days. I love the community, support, love and friendships I have made through these groups.

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Beginning this postpartum marathon for the third time has definitely had its ups and downs. But I can honestly say that being involved in our bootcamps is what keeps me going.

Being surrounded by women from all walks of life and that are all in different stages has been so inspiring! It has helped me to continue to push play and show up for me.

On the hard days, they are the ones who take the weight off my shoulders and breathe belief! And on the other days, I get to be that breath for someone else!

It’s a community unlike anything else I have been apart of!!!

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This community will have a heavy focus on personal growth, self love, and learning to embrace our true beauty inside and out!!

And probably the most important thing…

Do this for you and nobody else but you!

You are worth it and you deserve to feel amazing and positive and happy in your everyday life!

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I live a 90/10 (sometimes 80/20) lifestyle – and girl I need that 10% for my sanity! I think I’d go crazy if I felt like I couldn’t ever eat a treat while hanging with my girlfriends or get popcorn at the movies with my kids.⁣

This is not a diet – it’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle.

I’m so grateful that I learned how to more mindfully fuel my body and listen to what it needs. Rather than deprive and then binge because I was so frustrated with the lack of results.

I am ready to share this lifestyle shift with you!!

Are You In?

Fill out the goal form so I can get to know you and what you are looking to shift in your life!

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