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Hey there lady!!

I am SOOOO excited you are here, because you know what that means?! It means you are READY to take ACTION and you are EXCITED to completely CHANGE your life, love yourself from the inside out, embrace your inner beauty, and WORK on YOU – becoming even more the confident, strong woman you have always been!!

After having gone through 4 pregnancies and now my 4th postpartum journey, I can without a DOUBT say that having a community and support system is absolutely ESSENTIAL for success – and THIS community, these programs, are going to CHANGE your life in more ways than just your health & fitness!

When it comes to our health, I truly believe there is no “one size fits all” solution!

Everyone has different goals, everyone has different struggles, and everyone has different needs. My goal within this community and bootcamp is to best support you where YOU are at now – so that you can get to where you WANT to be and live your healthiest and most confident life!

When you enroll with a BEST VALUE package option, during the 1st – 7th of the month OR as a discount coach/loyalty member, you will receive a SWAG BAG from me to get started on the right foot and have all the things you need to kick off your journey!

ENROLLMENT OPTIONS are listed below!

Please fill out the form so we can get you set up with the pack that BEST SUPPORTS you and your goals!

Get ready for a lifetime of accountability, tips & resources, and SO MUCH personal growth to make your mindset stronger than ever and to feel the best you have ever felt!! I am so excited for you to join this fitness community, get amazing results, and FEEL INCREDIBLE!

I am so excited for you to get started and honored to work with you! Let’s DO THIS!

Talk to you soon!


Melissa Brewer

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BEST VALUE Package Options

These are what most of my clients get started with because it combines literally EVERYTHING you need in order to start your journey and get results, at a much cheaper rate than if you were to buy everything separately. The total solution with the best pricing!!

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This means you currently are in my bootcamp and/or already have Beachbody On Demand.

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Add Ons

This is a 3 Day Cleanse that is great to kickstart your journey OR help you recommit to your journey and feel INCREDIBLE in just 3 days! It's also


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There are THREE different options when it comes to signing up! Please refer to your email I sent to tell you more about each option!

I cannot wait to work with you!

Thank you for choosing your pack! This is a commitment you will be so grateful you made. ♥️ 


I'll be in touch with you within 48 hours of receiving your application! I cannot wait to get to know you more, for you to be a part of our AMAZING community, and to see the changes that happen for you because of this lifestyle!

I am SO honored and humbled that you are interested in joining me for this challenge and I know it will be a beautiful and amazing experience!

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