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Hey there girlfriend!!

First off, I am glad you are here!! I am so passionate about what coaching has done in my life and I am even more passionate about passing on the opportunity to everyone I can reach cause I know what a blessing it can be! Quite literally, this opportunity has completely changed our life in every way – and I know if you’re looking for that in your own life, it will change yours as well. It is such a GIFT!

With that being said, I only accept 10 coaches a month. I want to be able to really give YOU my full attention and help guide and direct you in making your health, family, fitness, and new business the best it can be!

A little bit about me before we get started…I am a mom of 4, I love being active and outside. I am a 5X Elite 12 Star Diamond Coach, which really just means, our team is incredible and so many of the coaches within our organization are growing and seeing success! I am so proud of what we stand for and the way we’re able to impact lives every single day!!

Since I began this journey 8.5 years ago, I have learned so much about myself, about helping others, and my family’s life has been blessed beyond what I can even put into words. I never imagined that my desire for more freedom and my love for health and fitness would ever turn into something THIS fulfilling. I can’t wait to share more with you about this community and family that I have become a part of ALL while being home with my babies and holding strong to my desire to live true to myself, my family, and this chaos we all call motherhood.

Please fill out this application and help me get to know more about YOU and simply WHY you want to be a coach on my team.

Are you ready to help people, help yourself, and do something MORE with your life? If you are, this is exactly where you need to be!

I can’t wait to get to know you better!

Talk to you soon!


Melissa Brewer

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I cannot wait to work with you!

Thank you for completing your form! This is a commitment you will be so grateful you made. ♥️ 

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