Summer Meal Plan for Moms!
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Fueling Your Body.

Fueling your body with the RIGHT foods is one of the most under-rated ways to get healthy and lose weight. I want to show you how easy it is to choose the right foods that your body is craving!!  

Be the Example for Your Kids.

Your kids watch everything you do and say. You can empower them (at any age) to make better choices about the food they eat by being the example yourself.

It starts with you.

What Can You Achieve by Focusing on Your Nutrition?

You can achieve so much!! You will be more confident when you go to social gatherings in what you wear, how you look and what choices you make when you are there. You will gain mental focus and clarity by giving more intention to your nutrition. You will have ENERGY - more than you can even imagine when you dial in your diet. And best of all, when you get serious about the food you put in your mouth, the scale will move.

Meet Melissa

After having gone through 4 pregnancies and postpartum journeys, I can without a DOUBT say that focusing on what you eat is absolutely ESSENTIAL for success.  Does that mean I am perfect?? NO WAY! But 85% of the time I am dialed in and know what fuel my body needs to feel it's best! I'd love to share with you the delicious and healthy foods I make for my family every week that have helped us all stay healthy and fit!